Unix Ports Search

This page allows you to enter a port number and get information about
the services assigned to it and known trojans or other nasties that make use of it.

I'll try to keep this database updated as best I can.
If you know of a trojan or service not listed here, please let me know.

Database lasted updated on 9 Sept 2003

Current number of ports in database: 1933.

You can search this database by Port Number or Keyword.

Enter the port number (0 to 65535)
Enter a service/trojan keyword (such as "telnet" or "BackDoor")

This database is also available for download. It's a flat file, with fields delimited by "|". Source code for the Perl program that performs the search is available here.

I'd like to thank the following individuals for contributing to this database:
Guillaume Belanger, Eric Fagan, Howard M. Kash III, John Lampe,
Elias Levy, Daniel Martin, Christopher L. Morrow, Aj Effin Reznor,
Gabriel Sandberg, Brian Seborg, Erick Staal, Marcos B. Souza
Raf Vantongerloo, www.security-gui.de

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revised 8 Sept 2003, Robert G. Ferrell