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Here are some of my fellow Net Wits. I highly recommend them.

Marty Beckerman - Death to All Cheerleaders -- Acidic, acerbic wit from one of the funniest Alaskans around.

Julie Benson - The Julie Benson Humor Site -- Syndicated print columns, no-charge online columns, weird news, stinky plants, quotable quotes, celeb humor, parodies and more!

Jack Cleary - -- Combine pictures of famous people and events with outrageous captions and you get Make sure you don't have anything in your mouth as it downloads!

Paul Daly - -- Irreverent weekly humor columns and extensive archive from Net WIts columnist Paul Daly - "where nothing is sacred except Samantha Mumba and in extreme cases, the truth"

Michael Dare - Emulsional Problems -- Wacked-Out Polaroids of the Stars - "ONE OF THE TOP 25 ENTERTAINMENT SITES ON THE NET" says E-On-line.

Erik Deckers - Erik Deckers' Laughing Stalk humorpage -- The Laughing Stalk is a weekly humor column published in several print and online newspapers. It's observational and satirical humor that has been favorably compared to Dave Barry, Lewis Grizzard, and Douglas Adams. It has also been unfavorably compared to (insert your own joke here).

Gene Doucette - GenePool -- Gene is a humorist, a playwright, and a skeptic. It's all here. Also, check out his newest section, The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

Melvin Durai - Humor of Melvin Durai -- Columns and mailing list of the India-born, U.S.-based humorist, who writes on lifestyle, politics, sports and other topics. Columns are not just funny, but also thought-provoking.

Zach Everson -- Op-ed articles, humor columns, true stories of zany exploits, and a business dictionary. Topics include news, sports, business, life, arts and entertainment, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

Matt Farr - Rusty Brain - Lubricant for the Mind -- Very funny stuff from online author and humorist Matt Farr. His thoughtful, hilarious commentary covers topics such as technology, the Internet, music and cats.

Malcolm Fleschner - The Pathetic Cry For Help -- The experts have had their say. Now listen to a blithering idiot's thoughts on politics, relationships, popular culture and more.

Angela Gillaspie - Southern Angel -- The "Redneck Bombeck" shows you interesting feats of Southern motherhood. Come share the inspiration, humor, recipes, and inevitable flatulence that makes 'Life' the big bowl of pinto beans that it is.

Jacquie Gilmour - Jacquie of All Trades -- Single & 30ish, Jacquie writes what she knows best. If she doesn't know about it, she'll just make it up & try to sound convincing.

Larry Graves - Grave Times -- Humorous stories (including a little vasectomy story) plus original mp3's and assorted craziness.

Reba Griggs - The Quirkshop -- Funny, informative stories about Alaska, wormwood tea, running, and other things. Links to resources and markets for writers. More!

Bill Harper - Bill - Bored -- A collection of totally irrelevant ideas based loosely on nothing in particular.

Marie Hawk - Meet Marie Hawk! -- Funny stories from the town of Eyesore, in the middle of nowhere. Try "Looking Forward to Bad Hair Days After Death"

Maji Hildreth - Funny Babe Online -- Maji is a freelance writer who has a blackbelt in Karate, was responsible for the peace keeping issues in Rwanda, was the stand-in for Sigourney Weaver in all the Alien movies as well as the technical adviser for "The X-Files"

Robert E Hunt Jr - The Monday Morning Noter -- Spurious thoughts and idle musings from the sports week just past.

Julie Jamison - Ranting Chick -- Social commentary from pissy Midwestern type. Column topics range from sex and society to politics and parenting. But mostly sex.

Mike Jasper - Mike Jasper's Constant Commentary -- Mark Twain meets Dennis Miller and Miller wins. R-rated for strong language.

Madeleine Begun Kane - Raising Kane -- Award winning humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane is Raising Kane about everything that irks her: the Internet, marriage, computers, cars, money, privacy, travel, work, and other aggravations. Fortunately, most things irk her, so she's always Raising Kane. The aptly named Mad Kane was recently named one of the "Net's Hottest Columnists." And the person who did the naming wasn't even her mother.

Susan Kawa - MOMMARAMA! -- Award winning parenting humor by Susan Kawa, featuring UG (the caveman) - inept parenting expert, quarterly contest for really cool FREE stuff, and more!

Dennis Kaye - Special Kaye: Habit Forming Humor -- At Special Kaye you will laugh at the common world. You will enjoy jokes and humorous essays about marriage, gardening, camping, the outdoors, Navy life, children, rednecks and more. Enjoy life and keep laughing.

Colleen A. Kelley - Hooked On Insanity Works For Me! -- A plethora of silly questions and ego bending statements all in one place.

Kim Lane - Writer, Kim Lane -- is the homesite of freelance writer, Kim Lane. Electronic and audio clips are housed here, as well as a record of experience and contact information.

The Official Unofficial Cameron Koo Web Site -- One of my faves. Cam can reduce any public figure, no matter how pompous, to his/her basic constituents faster than you can say "Vegematic."

Jennifer Layton - J Street -- Weekly humor columns, updated every Friday. Wittier than this description (trust me!)

BZ Leonard - A Site For Cyber Eyes -- Eye candy ... fractals, photos, altered photos, 3-D SciFi renderings, and Brain candy: humor columns and an historical diary of the bombing of Hickam Field/Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

Ed Lynn - ePasquinade Magazine -- A more-or-less monthly eMagazine of Humor originally marketed as an alternative treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

Keith J. MacDonald - KMac's Website -- The Official Humor Site of Martha's Vineyard. Humor columns and parody web pages from the founder of The NetWits and publisher of NETWITS Magazine.

Real Mom - Real Mom Club -- Columnist/ cartoonist and mom shares her real-life adventures with spawnlings. Less sugar, more satire.

B. S. Pyle - The World of B. S. Pyle -- Named one of the top ten political humor sites on the web by Yahoo! Internet Life. Updated weekly for no apparent reason.

Robin Reed - Barstow Productions -- Peculiar cartoons, an imp who enjoys his work, an alien who wants to be a movie star, and the truth about the Titanic!

B. Elwin Sherman - Daily Humor Every Week -- Weekly Humor column, archives, free weekly email subscription list, guest humorists, links and a NetWits books for sale page.

Todd Sponsler - THE LIONS DEN -- The most unofficial site for Penn State Football and humor dispensed in nearly fatal doses.

Valerie Sprague - Silicon Valerie -- Humor columns, including one woman's take on life, working in the Internet age, and a bunch of other, often unrelated tripe.

Anne Tatalin - Where's My Pants -- Described by some as "Erma Bombeck with a bad attitude," life can look pretty funny through the eyes of tatalin. Living in West Virginia for the past 20 years has definitely colored this writer's language and perception. Home spun humor at its finest. Subscribe here for tatalin's weekly e-zine, View From the Gargoyle's Lair.

Jim Verona - Verona's Basement -- Come in and have your satires rotated.

David Walter - Ravings From Dave -- The humorous observations of The Dave-Guy. 100% clean (hey, my mother reads this!) and more human-interest and social than political. Updated darn near weekly!

Peter West - Peter West Goes Public -- Peter is a movie stuntman who writes funny columns and film reviews.

Larry Wiginton - Wig Musings -- A collection of original funny stories, essays, and rants on everyday stuff. Author of, the hilarious story "My First Date."

Bonnie Wren - Ballpoint Wren -- A humorous, So Cal Look at Suburbia.

Witbones - Witbones - Funny Kolumns by Kids -- Humorous writings, usually with illustrations, by kids age K-6. Some individual artwork. All contributions welcome! Showcase for kids to show their talents.

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